Principles of Statistical Physics and Numerical Modeling

Principles of Statistical Physics and Numerical Modeling

Valeriy A Ryabov


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This unique text introduces classical statistical mechanics using molecular dynamic simulations to teach and explore the subject. Theory is presented and backed up with results and provision is made for students to develop and implement their own simulations. Although one of the main priorities of the text is the simplicity of the presentation, all the results of numerical simulations are accompanied by comprehensive theoretical treatment. Illustrated by numerous figures and animations, the book will be useful for students and professionals wishing to receive a contemporary understanding of statistical physics and use the methods in their modeling of properties of materials and biomolecular systems.


Valeriy A Ryabov:
Valeriy Alexandrovich Ryabov is a Leading Scientists in the Department of Nuclear Technology at the National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute” in Russia, with over 100 journal publications and several books to his name. His research interests span the physics of irradiated material, molecular dynamics, statistical physics and solid state physics..