Child, You Are a Sower

Child, You Are a Sower

Plant Seeds of Goodness



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In this book, Dr. LaKeisha Jeanne Cole helps children to understand the importance of who they are in God. All children deserve to know how special they are, and how much God loves them. This book is filled with inspiration to help children learn about their likeness with God, and know that they are creators, too. They will be reminded to know that they must see themselves the way God sees them and make good choices in life supported by God's Word. There are positive messages of hope, faith, and love, waiting for each child in this book.



LaKeisha J. Cole, PhD is an inspirational, motivational author and speaker on mind, body, and spiritual healing. She is passionate about helping people pursue the life they were destined to live through encouragement and guidance from the power within all of us. Knowing that life is a journey, and that there is growth and development for all, she desires to inspire others to be their best. This translates into understanding that there is a past, present, and future, and encouraging all to forgive the past, adjust as necessary to live a better present, and create the future desired.

Dr. Cole is an educator who holds educational degrees in public health epidemiology (doctorate), human nutrition (master's), and complementary and alternative medicine (bachelor's). She has taught in both graduate and undergraduate institutions of higher learning to assist students in their journeys to achieve their educational goals and dreams. She has also used her knowledge, skills, and abilities in her health and wellness consulting and other businesses to inspire and motivate people to live better, healthier, and more productive lives.