The Hidden Gifts of Trauma

Krista Nerestant


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Welcome to Krista Nerestant’s journey from the other side of the globe—the islands of the Philippines—to the United States of America. Indestructible is where she shares the hidden gifts of trauma that have empowered her to not only survive but also thrive in a life most would have given up on. Krista was a traumatized overachiever bound by the cultural and societal limitations of her home country. But coming out as a spiritual medium exposed the many resources she had in her arsenal, inspiring her to embark on a healing journey. In Indestructible, she shares how she learned to extract life-healing lessons while overcoming a violent past, with the hope of inspiring and teaching survivors to approach personal wounds as a gateway to unleashing their self-actualization. Her story will stimulate you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually—but most of all, it will lead you to start your own journey of self-discovery and uncover your very own hidden gifts of trauma.


Krista Nerestant:
Krista Nerestant is the owner of Self-ish Lifestyle, a website where she serves as a certified spiritual medium and teacher to demystify the world of spirit and energy. She also works as a neurolinguistic life coach and hypnotist, specializing in the Satir Method of Transformational Systemic Therapy. An advocate for women and children, Krista hosts a podcast dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and elevating the self-care journey at, and she offers presentations as an inspirational speaker that focus on the power and understanding of the four bodies of our unique SELF—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She hopes that her work will ignite a surge of positivity in her community in New Jersey, where she lives with her child and her husband. This is her first book.