The Secret Case of the Space Station Stowaways

The Secret Case of the Space Station Stowaways

Pat Monteith


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Mae and Clinton's teenage mentor from the future, Selectra Volt, can only give them vague hints about what will occur. Their time travel takes them to visit space historian Steven Dick, ancient Chinese admiral Zheng He, Isaac Newton, Wernher von Braun, astronaut Sunita Williams, space sickness scholar Suzanne Nooij, and astronaut and asteroid scholar Ed Lu. When they learn that the malicious Dr. Gravitium is hunting asteroids, they have to come up with a plan and visit the space station to try and stop him before he destroys one, or maybe two, worlds.


Pat Monteith:
Pat Monteith has been a fan of space travel since she was a teenager and learned her mother was part of the team that assembled the boots worn by Project Mercury astronauts. She went to college to get a degree in math with the hope of working in Mission Control for NASA, but her life took a different path when she developed an interest in radio. She became the founder and long-time general manager of Boston's National Public Radio music station. Pat's interest in space travel has never waned; she has become a NASA citizen scientist involved with their "Informing Asteroid Initiative" and "CosmoQuest: Asteroid Mappers" project, and is certified to handle Lunar & Meteorite samples. This is her first book for children. Pat lives in Brockton, MA Pat Monteith is a longtime fan of space travel. She is certified to handle moon rocks. Formerly, she ran a public radio station that featured folk music. This is her first book for children.