The Future of Stuff

The Future of Stuff

Vinay Gupta


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Where and who do we want to be? How might we get there? What might happen if we stay on our current course?

The Future of Stuff asks what kind of world will we live in when every item of property has a digital trace, when nothing can be lost and everything has a story. Will property and ownership become as fluid as film is today: summoned on demand, dismissed with a swipe? What will this mean for how we buy, rent, share and dispose of stuff? About what our stuff says about us? And how will this impact on us, on manufacturing and supply, and on the planet?

This brief but mighty book is one of five that comprise the first set of FUTURES essays. Each standalone book presents the author's original vision of a singular aspect of the future which inspires in them hope or reticence, optimism or fear. Read individually, these essays will inform, entertain and challenge. Together, they form a picture of what might lie ahead, and ask the reader to imagine how we might make the transition from here to there, from now to then.


Vinay Gupta:
Vinay Gupta edited the crowdsourced and crowdfunded The Future We Deserve: 100 Essays About the Future (2011). He coordinated the release of the Ethereum blockchain, and is CEO of Mattereum, the company creating digital identities for the world of physical goods. He has a background working in worst-case scenario planning and disaster mitigation, and is the inventor of the patent-free Hexayurt, a sturdy, affordable, easy-to-build temporary shelter. @leashless