Beyond the Emptiness

Beyond the Emptiness

How I Found Fullness Outside of Food

Rouba Chalabi


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Are you constantly attacked by food thoughts? Do you struggle to stop eating? Do you use food to calm your nerves? Do you feel betrayed by your body? Would like to change your relationship with food? Do you want to stop the never-ending cycle of loosing weight then gaining it back? Would you like to make peace with your body? Overeating is not the source of the problem but rather the consequence of a deep unease. Overeaters use food to soothe discomfort. While many believe that eating less and exercising more is the solution to overeating, there is an increased body of evidence showing that a broader approach is needed. I share my personal story of recovery from food addiction from forty years of overeating. You will understand food addiction and learn how to end your struggle with food. I illustrate my journey towards sustainable weight-loss by sharing the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation involved in addressing unease with life. I hope to inspire you to befriend your body and begin to cultivate connectedness between your mind, body and soul. At a time of deep uncertainty, caring for yourself is the only certainty.


Rouba Chalabi:
Rouba Chalabi struggled with an addiction to food for years before undergoing a radical physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation that ended with sustainable weight loss. She quit an international twenty-year career in public policy and communication to become a healer and food addiction counselor. She lives in Lebanon and is passionate about helping people with similar struggles.