Successful Journey Through Foster Care

Successful Journey Through Foster Care



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Over 20 years ago a vision was seen. A mission began. That journey today is to bring peace, joy, love, and light into the lives of millions. Terry Azzouz has worked as a therapist within the foster care system. She has worked with countless children, parents, foster families, CPS caseworkers, Attorneys and Judges. She has been called upon as an expert witness. And through it all Terry Azzouz has kept her focus to help those in need. Successful Journey Through Foster Care is the continuation of Terry’s personal mission. She has taken content from years of working in the system to create stories you will relate to. You will find yourself knowing cases just like these stories. But Terry Azzouz didn’t just give you the stories. She provides you with the problem as viewed from different individuals involved in the stories. Then Terry Azzouz completes the journey by giving you practical solutions to so many of the cases that are faced every day within the foster care system. You might also enjoy Terry Azzouz’s other book that offers practical help: “The Cheating Game: The Reasons People Cheat and What to do About It”