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Domestic Violence is one problem; however, it is handled and resolved in many different ways by its many different victims in a manner such that those victims may become survivors. How one victim overcomes may be totally different from how the next victim becomes a survivor. I know this to be true because of my story and my survival of Domestic Violence. This is my story, and this is how it happened for me and as I stated before, it will not be the same for everyone. Each journey is separate and has different routes and measures. I wrote this book to inform others of the cycle of Domestic Violence, and to bring about awareness to those who may be oblivious of this dark place and may have somehow unfortunately found themselves in it. It is extremely regrettable that so many individuals and families experience this tragedy and accept it as normal because they have not properly identified it as Domestic Violence. This book may also inspire others who may have a deep desire to advocate for victims who are living the nightmare of Domestic Violence. My hope is that this book will be a beacon to individuals who may be experiencing situations that are uncomfortable, dangerous, or violent to them or to their children and that they will quickly identify this problem and get assistance in getting out and getting out safely with their lives intact because sadly there are so many who don’t. If you or someone you know are experiencing Domestic Violence, please get help by calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at: (800) 779-7233 or TTY (800) 787-3224.


I was Down South on a Plantation to parents who were also born in the Deep South. I am the third oldest of ten children born to my parents. I was born Southern Baptist, and after moving to the state of Illinois in 1978, my family began serving in the Church Of God In Christ, (C.O.G.I.C.). I met the first husband, at that Church when I was singing in the junior choir. We were both in junior high school. I was age 13 and He was 14. I was very fond of him, but we did not start dating until later. I began college in 1985 and later we had a son and that is when I temporarily ended my college studies. Our courtship was only known to the two of us at the beginning. Before our separation, we had two more sons. There was a second marriage out of which came three daughters. I am a mother of six; three sons and three daughters, respectively. I currently reside in Southern California where I have launched a nonprofit organization that assists families who have experienced violence and trauma, and plans are also underway to begin a mentoring program for African Youth. I am creative with recipes, and I love to cook and create all types of dishes, especially Southern Foods. I am also the bestselling author of the book Quiet Storm. Most importantly, I have a heart and a mind to serve humanity and work for the betterment of underserved communities. I also work with other agencies for the same cause, donating to charities, and advocating for victims and survivors of domestic violence through the nonprofit organization that I have founded. The MOTH Foundation, Inc. The acronym MOTH stands for Matters of The Home.