Anna and Zig Zag Dave

Anna and Zig Zag Dave

Kathleen Peric


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This enjoyable book about Anna and her new dog will bring happy and enjoyable family reading time. It's a great book to read to your child at bedtime. It's great for children ages babies, preschoolers and up to 8 years old. It's a great book for beginner readers to get started with to learn how to read for early learning. It opens up the child's mind with exploration and vivid imagination.

Author notes: Annalise is my granddaughter and really has a Beagle named Dave that her mother brought home. One day Dave fell off the bed and really truly was walking zig zag like an accordian in front of Anna. I thought it would make a cute little story about a real live event in her life! Kathleen Peric did her own Graphic Design art in the book.


Kathleen Peric:

Kathleen Peric is an aspiring new Author with background in Movie Screen Writing and Novel Writing.

Kathleen Peric graduated from Robert Morris University in Chicago and has a BA Degree in Graphic Art and Design.