Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Tara Felina


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Meet Harry. Harry is an angel, a naughty angel. Harry is stuck on earth. Harry is okay being stuck on earth because of his "sweet girl." Harry's sweet girl has had quite the life; and Harry has witnessed everything since she was born: abuse, love, violence, sacrifice. If you were to ask Harry how he would describe his "sweet girl," he would say, "My sweet girl is strong, confident, humble, determined, and loyal." Now if you were to ask his "sweet girl" how she described herself, she would say, "I am broken, worthless, used, and stepped on." Two very different ways of seeing things. Two very different people. One common goal, to get Harry's "sweet girl" to be everything she has ever dreamed of and believe in herself. Harry and his "sweet girl" invite you on a journey through the course of her life: from the first time Harry's "sweet girl" was betrayed by her family, to the last moment when she finally said, this is enough! What happened to Harry's "sweet girl" to make her believe she is worthless? Will Harry ever get to heaven? These are the questions and some of the answers you will be invited to join in on when you read Jump Rope. Life is always an up and down; it's what you decided to do with it that makes you who you are.