Scarred by Death

Scarred by Death

Antoinette Zam


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The death of a significant person in Allison Cane's life changes her forever and this tragic death causes Allison to regret a decision she made long ago. She begins a quest to right the wrong and in doing so, she will destroy the people closest to her. Allison's aunt, Sarah Holland, knows the sorrow that death can cause, because she also has been scarred by death. Since her childhood, Sarah has put the needs of others before her own and she is determined to save her niece from making the biggest mistake of her life. Allison would like nothing more than to rid her aunt from her life forever. Since childhood, she has always felt her aunt was trying to control her and also believed Sarah was the obstacle that destroyed an important relationship in her life. From early on, she decided never to allow her aunt to get close enough to manipulate her. Allison will soon discover that blood is indeed thicker than water. This book will follow two women from childhood to adulthood, beginning in 1944 to present time. During their journey you will come to know how death has played such an important role in their lives. It is assumed that death arrives when a person has lived a long and, hopefully, happy life. Death doesn't always choose the old and it comes when you least expect it. Often, the young is its prey and it leaves the old behind. Discover how one moves forward when you have no control over death. Travel this journey of love, lost love, sorrow, laughter, and friendship.