Art as Capital

Art as Capital

The Intersection of Science, Technology, and the Arts

Polona Tratnik


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In global terms, creative industries are on the rise, as are new media investigations in art and initiatives that encourage innovation in the arts, for end-use in the economy. However, there is a significant lack of critical reflection on this form of creative production. This important book points out the dangers and downfalls that accompany such a boom of the creative industries and the subordination of art to the economy and politics. Specifically, it shows that art, as a mode of social and aesthetic practice, is losing the very thing which it has striven for so desperately in the course of modernity: its independence from other spheres of human activity.


Polona Tratnik:

Polona Tratnik is professor and dean of the Faculty for Slovene and International Studies at New University in Ljubljana. She is research advisor at the Institute IRRIS for Research, Development and Strategies of Society, Culture and Environment. She is the president of the Slovenian Society of Aesthetics, and an executive committee member of the International Association of Aesthetics. She has authored 8 books and been a Fulbright visiting scholar and guest professor in the USA, China, Finland, and Mexico.