Shark Bait!

Shark Bait!

Jeff Szpirglas, Danielle Saint-Onge


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Shark-obsessed Orly spends every summer with her family on the coast. This year her parents have signed her up for sailing lessons, hoping to teach her some water safety while they're busy with her baby brother. Orly is excited to be on the water, but she has other ideas about how she’s going to spend her time there: rather than learning to tie knots and batten down the hatches, she's going to use her tablet to track Delta, a great white shark known to frequent the area. Orly’s misplaced enthusiasm repeatedly gets her in hot water with her instructor. Can Orly redeem herself with her sailing crew when she has a chance to use her shark-tracking skills to save some actual wildlife in danger?


Jeff Szpirglas:

Jeff Szpirglas is the author of several works of fiction and nonfiction, including the best-selling Wild Cards and the Red Maple Award nominee You Just Can't Help It! He has worked at CTV and was an editor at Chirp, Chickadee and Owl magazines. This is his fifth book in the Orca Echoes line. Jeff lives in Kitchener, Ontario.


Danielle Saint-Onge has a master's degree in social anthropology and is a crusader for equity in the classroom. She teaches in classrooms with students of diverse cultural backgrounds. Danielle is the co-author of Messy Miranda, X Marks the Spot and Something's Fishy all in the Orca Echoes line. Danielle lives in Kitchener, Ontario.