Tummy Bird

Tummy Bird

Annie Norman


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The robin is a bird that has psychological traits which are entirely its own. It has, at most seasons, absolute trust in man. It is the bird of the homestead, always ready to attend the garden worker, perch upon the handle of the spade the moment it is left or pick a worm from the ground.
Encourage the young generation to enjoy nature at its best, to explore their own “piece” of garden and to notice something new each day. Find out the creatures that inhabit this environment and appreciate their role; find out all the plants that grow and what they produce to aid the existence of man.
Feel happy and calm, and have fun as you work, rest and play in this amazing ecosystem.
What do the cousins, who enjoy each other’s company so much, find in Grandad’s shed?
Do they value and take care of their “find”?


Annie Norman:
The author, Annie, was born and bred in Shropshire. She worked in the civil service before entering education. Being brought up in a “gardening family” with a love of nature and of the outdoors encouraged her to have an enquiring mind and to keep finding out! Annie is a mother of two and recently a nanny to little Bobby Norman.