Boo the Bee

Boo the Bee

Johnny Attard


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Join Boo the Bee on his quest to find flowers and save the hive! Did you know that bees use pollen from flowers to make honey? And all the fruit you see in the grocery store has grown from flowers pollinated by bees? So when bees are working hard to collect pollen and make their food, they are also making food for us! You can help bees like Boo by planting native flowers in your garden.


Johnny Attard:
Johnny holds a diploma of design and a bachelor and master’s degree in animation from the University of Technology, Sydney. His honours project, a children’s short animation titled Tilly and Luna received the Best Story Award. Johnny has showcased animation work at the Sydney Vivid Festival and graphic novels and screen prints at various Zine Fairs. He has also worked as a clothing and fabric designer. He is currently working on stop-motion animated series called Memories of Ilma and the accompanying graphic novel. Johnny has a keen interest in photography, film and being out in nature.