Suffering in Silence

Suffering in Silence

Lee Munique


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My reason for writing this book are many, but the main reason is to let as many victims of abuse out there know that they're not alone! There are many thousands of victims who are living with the constant pain of sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse. My hope is to not only make more people aware of what's happening in our country but to assure the victims and survivors of abuse that there is a support system out there, but you have to take that "first step" toward recovery.

Accompanying the constant pain of what has happened to all of us who are the survivors of abuse, especially sexual abuse, is what I prefer to call "adversities." Adversities seem to be the thing that life is made of. As a child, I remember being subjected to abuse by my father, and trust me when I say that there is nothing known to man that can take that kind of pain away! Because of this, there always seem to be adversities to deal with. I believe these so-called adversities can build up to the point of "resulting depression" if one does not seek help!

My brother and I were both victims of his malicious abuse, but the abuse was of a different kind. Our beloved mother also knew how vicious our father's tirades were, but she loved him anyway. Child/adult abuse can come in the form of sexual, physical, and emotional. On top of this, many-both women and men-can be subjected to spousal abuse and domestic violence, which can turn deadly if not stopped immediately.

As a surviving victim of child abuse and spousal abuse, I can assure you that the pain from abuse lasts forever, and the scars run deep. Sadly, it appears that the degree of an abuser's guilt coincides with their name and the size of their bank account. This mindset is wrong, and it needs to be changed.