Time Paradox

Time Paradox

Thumar Saga 2

M. Timothy Murray


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Derak, Shesain, and the time crew are unexpectedly thrust 600 years into Thumar’s past. A planet wide plague is raging that our intrepid time travelers were destined to cure. They return to the future to discover that they’re actions dramatically changed their original timeline. With help from Derak’s brother, Robert, and the mysterious Time Lords of the universe, they set out across time, space, and dimension to fix their time paradox. Can they stop the space-time-continuum from tearing itself apart, and destroying the known universe?


M. Timothy Murray:
I’m the author of the sci-fi novel, Thumar, published in 2017. I live in Nevada City, California with my wife, Ronna Lee Joseph, and my scrappy cat, Harley, in a house my father and I built.