The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

Nico Kastalanos


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After years of abuse in his adolescence, a survivor recounts the mental and physical torment brought upon his family. The abuser was his father, who was a highly regarded doctor known for taking great care of his patients. However, when out of the public eye, he was a monster who tortured his family and manipulated everyone into not suspecting a thing. The sensitive material presented throughout this autobiography highlights how people can be incredibly different from what they seem and dissects how the human mind deals with suffering. This true story recounts the horrors a family endured in effort to help readers understand how domestic abuse can affect a family — and also how they can overcome it.


Nico Kastalanos:
Nico suffered from abuse throughout his adolescence. He was mentally and physically tormented for years and witnessed firsthand the cruel acts done to his mother and younger brother. The abuser? His father who was also a respected doctor. This is the first time the events are being explained in detail, aside from the felony charges that were made public. Since working on this book, Nico has earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and acquired a master’s degree in Information Systems Security. He works in I.T. and continues his healing journey – this book being one of the biggest steps.