Fast Facts: Asthma

Fast Facts: Asthma

Improve patient self-management and drug use, achieve asthma control

J.A. Douglass, T.S.C. Hinks


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Asthma is the world’s most common chronic respiratory condition, affecting over 350 million people worldwide and inflicting a heavy individual, social and economic burden of disease. In this rapidly changing field, a plethora of new inhaled therapies and devices have emerged, as well as a better understanding of disease phenotyping and biology. This fully updated fifth edition of 'Fast Facts: Asthma' discusses recent trends in an easy-reference format, while highlighting imminent new developments, to provide a valuable resource for general practitioners, specialist asthma nurses and others with a keen interest in improving the outcomes of the very many people living with asthma. Table of Contents: • Pathophysiology • Epidemiology, etiology and natural history • Diagnosis and classification • Asthma medications • Management principles • Severe and refractory asthma • Acute asthma attacks • Preventing asthma attacks • Asthma in special circumstances • Developments


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