A Child of God's Delight

A Child of God's Delight

John Gleason


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From the depths of hopelessness and despair to the heights of God’s glory.

How can someone regain his innocence lost? How could his childhood sexual abuse be overcome now that he is a man? This is exactly what was promised would happen, if John would be brave enough to take the path that his Father in heaven had laid out for him.

In this first of three books, using John’s personal journals, he and his granddaughter Rebekah go on a journey to prove that a man can be born anew in innocence no matter what was done to him. Along the way, Rebekah discovers that her feelings of abandonment and trust from her own childhood will begin to be born again in innocence as well.

With only the faith “the size of a mustard seed” to cling to, John moves forward in his healing journey to have his desires to fall deeper in love with Jesus fulfilled.