Is It Possible to Inspire Anyone?

Is It Possible to Inspire Anyone?

Antonio Evaristo Morales-Pita, PhD


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Readable, compelling and totally persuasive, the ideas in this book have the potential to transform the ways readers approach, establish and achieve goals in a sustainable way. The book Is It Possible to Inspire Anyone? is a must read especially for young, middle-age and senior adults. Morales-Pita deciphers the conditions to inspire and to be inspired – generally speaking and especially in the classroom and at home. At the end of every chapter, there is a small “food for thought” paragraph inviting the readers – on the basis of the chapter they had just finished reading – to meditate and to prepare themselves for the following chapter. The importance of tenacity and passion to succeed in whatever undertakings they pursue becomes more evident as the readers advance in the book. This self-help memoir differs from most self-help books in that it requires the relationship of the readers not only in one issue that they are trying to cope with, but also necessarily in connections with other people. In an inspirational context, “It takes two to tango.”


Antonio Evaristo Morales-Pita, PhD:
Antonio Evaristo Morales-Pita, PhD is a retired professor of international political economy at DePaul University in Chicago, who had taught for fifty-four years in Cuban, Mexican, and American universities. He has been recipient of eight international awards as a professor, and a scholar in the three aforementioned countries. He has published eight books, six of them as a scholar in mathematics, economics, research and environment in Cuba and Mexico, and the remaining two as non-fiction, epic, and historical biographies in the United States. He is a polyglot traveler of the world.