Leveling the Paying Field

Leveling the Paying Field

A Groundbreaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay

Rick Gillis


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“An infectiously evenhanded, useful approach to assessing fairer pay.” — Kirkus

"How much are you worth? Rick Gillis brings science to the art of getting paid fairly at work." — Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton, Best Selling Authors | The Carrot Principle, Leading With Gratitude & Anxiety At Work

Leveling the Paying Field offers anyone who takes home a paycheck, seeking a new job opportunity, or carving out their own career path the opportunity to take pay parity into their own hands. Several books exist on the topic of fair pay, but none offers an individual approach to achieving fair pay like Leveling the Paying Field. 

In his latest book, author Rick Gillis has created a rich new metric for measuring the value of the work you produce he calls the QTNT® (pronounced: ‘quotient’). Your QTNT score can then be used to reasonably and realistically challenge your current rate of pay. Not only can equal pay for equal work ultimately be realized, but even better, proper pay for outstanding performance becomes the new normal. 

“This is an important book - for job seekers and hiring managers alike.” — Hung Lee, Curator & Editor | RecruitingBrainfood.com

“...in clear and concise steps, he has dispelled any uncertainty of exactly how to level up and get paid what you are worth.” — Alisa Murray, Award winning Columnist and Content Creator | Living the Sweet Life 

“In Leveling the Paying Field Rick Gillis has brought his lifetime of career management experience to solving one of the hardest aspects of compensation and negotiation: quantifying performance and
value fairly and accurately, regardless of role or gender... His ‘quotient’ will work for everyone…” — Lisa Gates, Negotiation & Career Story Coach | StoryHappensHere.com


Rick Gillis:
Rick Gillis has been sharing techniques to maximize and manage careers with audiences for over two decades. In Leveling the Paying Field Rick has created an all-new category in performance measurement. This book is the sum of Rick's varied and colorful career in sales and as a counselor, an author, a speaker, an award-winning media host, and now an indisputable thought leader. Rick has written for CIO.com, Salary.com, and HuffPost; been featured on NPR, PBS, and Business Insider; and has also been noted and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Inc., the Houston Chronicle, and USA Today College, among others. Learn more at RickGillis.com.