Finding Hope

Finding Hope

The 12 Keys to Healing Hardship, Hurt & Sorrow

Amber Jewell


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Learn to reframe negative events and challenges in one's life as opportunities for learning and growth with this powerful self-improvement offering.

Written by a master level social worker, Finding Hope enables people to create their own ways of how to be resilient and persevere through any challenge. Life is engulfed with challenges but that doesn't mean you can't face them successfully. Too often people feel hopeless and endure long-term trauma that can brew exhausting negativity and discontent.

Finding Hope will build your personal resilience and help you develop an extensive toolkit of active coping skills, to the point where you can weather even the worst that life throws at you—and still find the strength to move forward.


Amber Jewell:
Amber Jewell, LMSW, is a licensed master social worker with over 15 years of experience working with youth and families in child protective services, education and mental health services. As an educator and an advocate for promoting change for and value within people, Amber works to inspire and motivate others to grasp their own form of hope. She is also a motivational speaker and has experience in the foster system. Amber lives in a rural community in Kansas with her husband and their two kids.