Vein of Love

Vein of Love

Pat Mestern


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Grieving the recent loss of her friend Harry, Ramona Ashdon's life converges with that of Don Chambers. As the executor of Harry's estate, Don's presence in Ramona's town doesn't seem unusual; until he starts asking questions about Harry that nobody seems to know the answer to. Determined to piece together the story of Harry's life, Ramona and Don set out across Ontario in search of the truth. What they discover will change the lives of everyone involved, forever.

Pat Mestern has once again delivered a masterpiece of genuine, relatable characters who's journey unveils more than they could have ever imagined. Vein of Love takes the reader through the lives of the deceased and the living, intertwined in the most beautiful and creative ways.

Author of seven fiction books prior, Pat's storytelling ability shines through and wraps you up in an exhilarating experience of mystery, family, history, and love. Following a set of clues, you're bound to find the answers you're looking for- and much more you never expected.

Vein of Love is a heartwarming classic featuring quirky, relatable characters who find themselves on a mission to unravel mysterious family secrets, and learn a lot about themselves along the way.

Each character you meet in Vein of Love is perfectly imperfect, and designed to be that way. The quirky and realistic characters are ones the reader is instantly drawn to as they are able to see a little bit of themselves within them all. This story won't just make you think about the characters' lives, it will also have you thinking back on your own and of those around you. What family secrets do you have that are waiting to be unraveled?

Fans of The Truth According to Us by Annie Barrows will find the same wittiness and charm within the pages of Vein of Love, and those who love mysteries with heartwarming endings will love this book.


Pat Mestern:
Pat Mestern has always called the Upper Grand River Valley in southern Ontario home. The combination of its beautiful natural heritage and multi-cultural diversity - the Scots, Irish, English, German, Mennonite and Amish settled this vibrant area - plays a major role in forming the characterizations and settings for her works of historical fiction that are set in Canada. Traveling and writing provide her with endless ideas for scenarios, time periods and characters for those works of fiction that are set "away".