Tracking the Meanders of the Self

Tracking the Meanders of the Self

Danielle Raquidel


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When facing cancer, far from her family and country, alone, Danielle found the strength she needed to fight, in personal expression. She confided her innermost thoughts to her modest art forms. It became a survival quest, an exercise in human resilience. Images and added poems helped her conjure up the tenets of her life.
People who are confronted by near-death experience through disease will closely relate to her ordeals having to come to terms with the possible outcome of treatment: a scary dilemma.
Art helped her retake charge of her life rather than let herself be victimised by the experience. She couldn’t change the course of events but she could change the way she looked at it and become more positive. A deeper self-comprehension came with the acceptation of her own human limitations. Only later serenity became part of the equation.


Danielle Raquidel:
Born in France, Danielle lived most of her adult life abroad: England, Venezuela, USA (Ohio, South Carolina). She has travelled extensively elsewhere. A baby boomer, she got a licence-ès-lettres in 1968. She studied English at Lyon 2, Arts in Venezuela, French at UC.  She holds an MA and a PhD in French Literature. She taught French, Spanish and Pottery in schools, then as a Professor at the University of South Carolina. An arts lover, she now lives in the South of France. This book and collages were her personal therapy, the reflection of her moods as she fought cancer and neuropathy.