The Unbreakable Student

The Unbreakable Student

6 Rules for Staying Sane at University

Nic Hooper


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'Equal parts practical, funny and illuminating - belongs on the required reading list for life' - Sarah Knight, internationally bestselling author of Get Your Sh!t Together

Accessible and inspirational, The Unbreakable Student is the self-care guide that every university student needs.

So, you're starting university - you've learnt what to pack, where to socialise, how to cook (sort of)... but what about how to look after your mental health?

University is a whirlwind of exciting, fresh experiences. But it can also be overwhelming. You're in a strange new environment and faced with the pressure to make friends, complete difficult assignments, stay healthy, manage your finances and so much more, all while being away from your loved ones. In this time of massive change, looking after your mental wellbeing is more important than ever.

Nic Hooper has witnessed the student mental health crisis unfolding every day on campus and is determined to help. A psychologist with fifteen years' experience teaching and mentoring young adults, The Unbreakable Student is his guide to navigating your university years and staying sane using six simple rules:
· Using exercise to stay healthy in body and mind
· Learning to positively challenge yourself
· Connecting with your peers
· Mindfully embracing the moment
· Managing self-critical thoughts and vulnerability
· Giving to others and taking positive action


Nic Hooper:
Dr Nic Hooper (@nichooper7) is an expert in clinical psychology and a senior lecturer at the University of the West of England in Bristol. He has authored many scientific articles, book chapters and books including The Acceptance and Commitment Diary (published annually) and The Research Journey of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Nic is also a co-director of Connect, which is an organization that offers a psychological wellbeing curriculum for primary school children. In 2017, inspired by his students, Nic began to write a book of life advice to his son, Max, which was to be given to him on his 18th birthday. Over time, that book slowly transformed into The Unbreakable Student.