Toxic People

Toxic People

Dealing With Dysfunctional Relationships

Tim Cantopher


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'A brilliant book about how we identify the often-charming people who only spread misery.' Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2


Some people are so stressful, they can actually make us ill. Gameplayers, bullies, users and abusers - all pose a risk to our health and welfare if we don't take action. This book presents the tools we need to deal with the toxic people in our lives who drain our energy. It explains how to make healthy relationship choices, set proper boundaries and recognize the red flags that should alert us to avoid certain people.

Whether you are struggling with a narcissistic partner, or dealing with a bullying boss or a sociopathic colleague, there is practical advice that will help you not only to protect your mental wellbeing but also to thrive. You will understand the nature of the toxic workplace - how to avoid it and if necessary survive within it.

If you're surrounded by the takers of this world, read this book and gain the freedom to make your own choices and live your own life.


Tim Cantopher:
Author of the bestselling Depressive Illness: The Curse of the Strong (Sheldon Press), Dr Tim Cantopher studied at University College, London, and University College Hospital. He trained as a psychiatrist at St James' Hospital, Portsmouth, and St George's, University of London. He has been a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists since 1983 and was elected fellow of the college in 1999. He worked as a consultant psychiatrist with the Priory Group of Hospitals from 1993 until his retirement from clinical practice in 2015. Overcoming Anxiety Without Fighting It is Dr Cantopher's sixth book: his other titles include Toxic People: Dealing with dysfunctional relationships (Sheldon Press, 2017), Stress-Related Illness: Advice for people who give too much (Sheldon Press, 2019) and The Power of Failure: Developing Resilience in a Mad World (Sheldon Press, 2020)