Taylor and the Red Wolf Rescue

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Taylor and the Red Wolf Rescue

J.B. Moonstar


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Can one small boy save a family of red wolves?
On Earth, red wolves are extremely endangered, and one of the last forest areas set aside for red wolf reintroduction has been sold for a housing development. Taylor has been watching a family of red wolves who will lose their home, and he wishes he could save them, but how could he save them and where could they go? What can one person do to change the world?
Trusting a stranger to help, Taylor manages to reach the wolves in time, but now he faces a new problem: how can they get the wolves out of the construction site without being seen? With such impossible odds, Taylor wonders if he has the courage and spirit needed to complete the quest and rescue this wolf family from certain death and if one small boy can make a difference.
This book includes information about red wolves.


J.B. Moonstar:
I am a fantasy/sci-fi writer, currently immersing you in the Realm Series. As someone who grew up in a small town, I have always loved escaping into the world of fantasy, paranormal and legend. I have dedicated myself to create that same escape for anyone who wants to escape the boring reality of real life. Through the years, I have traveled to dozens of different states and countries. Plus, I have lived in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and now Florida! While they all have their own unique treasures, I must admit to favoring the sunny southern states over the chilly northern ones, though there is nothing like curling up with a good book by the fire as the snow falls outside the window. Some of my favorite reads are Terry Pratchett’s Disc World series, The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld, and The Hallow Kingdom by Clare B Dunkle. When I am not reading or writing I enjoy teaching and learning from my mini-superhero three-year-old and spending time with my husband by the pool.