Takh - The Spirit

Takh - The Spirit

Nikos Savvakis


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“I have always loved animals. My constant encounters with both domesticated and wild, as a boy in a village, impressed me for life.”
Nikos Savvakis
In this modern-day equivalent of a medieval bestiary, Nikos Savvakis casts an admiring, occasionally quizzical eye over the creatures with whom we share this world.
Among others, frogs, pigeons, hedgehogs and the ‘princely’ octopus are presented in an unexpected light. Man’s best friend provides moments of both comedy and sorrow, while the title poem ‘Takh – The Spirit’ is in praise of that most magnificent of human allies, the horse.
Showcasing their author’s gift for arresting but appropriate imagery, these slyly witty poems are sure to delight animal-lovers everywhere.


Nikos Savvakis:
Nikos Savvakis was born in Finikounda, a small fishing village in the South-Western Peloponnese, Greece. He attended high school in Kalamata, the nearest big town, and attended university in England, reading Politics. He has published five collections of poetry.