A Suitcase Full of Boomerangs

A Suitcase Full of Boomerangs

Fil Bufalo


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A Suitcase Full of Boomerangs is essentially a romp around the Republic of Ireland. Tiny boomerangs are bequeathed to colourful characters encountered throughout the three-week round trip. Narrated in the first person, the protagonist and two of her sisters manage to have a ball as they traverse the width and breadth of Ireland in a big black jeep filled with suitcases full of boomerangs. This book of travel laughs, mishaps and adventures is a light-hearted, feel-good read, intended to whisk the armchair traveller far away to another time and place – the magic that will always be Ireland.


Fil Bufalo:
Fil Bufalo has been writing for a lifetime—on the sand, on slate and in shorthand. An animated storyteller and accomplished raconteur, she has gathered all her thoughts, philosophies and musings on life into a bonfire of words and taken the plunge with a match.