The Secret of SmithTopia

The Secret of SmithTopia

Zara Saleh


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Who knew that running away from a test would put you into an even harder one? When Jean and Ben decided to cheat the school rules and go somewhere they should not, they definitely did not expect bizarre events to follow, that could possibly change their lives for the worst… Follow their adventures as they get dragged unexpectedly into a completely different world – The Secret of SmithTopia. To their surprise, Jean and Ben find themselves in real danger. Will they survive and get out of the mysterious and strange world? And what challenges will they have to face? Read to find out the facts and fantasies about The Secret of SmithTopia through Jean and Ben’s magical journey (but not the type of typical magic you would expect!)


Zara Saleh:
Zara is originally a Kurd from Syria. He came to the UK at the beginning of the Syrian uprising and he couldn’t speak any English. His writing experience started in Kurdish and Arabic. His interests in writing began when he was 10 years old. He wrote a short story in school that impressed the whole school. However, the catalyst in his life was his grandma who always told him plenty of stories about Kurdish culture and mythology. Despite choosing a career as a pharmacist, he continued to develop his passion for writing and this book will be his first published story.