MANAGEMENT AS SERVICE – Employees as customers!

MANAGEMENT AS SERVICE – Employees as customers!

Siegbert Scheuermann


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Management is a service. If it is not oriented to the needs and benefits of our employees, they will not let us manage them. Read how management style can be designed to be employee-oriented, need-based and useful. Background information and more specifics for a better understanding of management, as well as 35 preparation, procedure and discussion guides.
This is the easiest way to "motivate" - achieving the company's goals becomes the way to achieve employees’ goals.


Siegbert Scheuermann:
Mr. Scheuermann has studied to become a behaviour and communication trainer, has a degree in adult education, is a banking specialist (Dipl. Bankbetriebswirt) and trainer (IHK). He is married and father of two "children", who are now grown up. His children have also grown up and he is now the proud grandfather of two grandchildren and a granddaughter. He has played handball actively (according to his own statement he likes it, but does not play very well) and since 2012, after a 28-year break from sports, he has joined the bandwagon of “walkers” and long-distance runners (joggers). However, he is currently taking a break due to stressed joints. He has been working as a trainer and coach for over 30 years. After a short time as a junior trainer, he became a senior trainer, instructor of trainers, branch manager and then managing director for Germany in another company. Since 1995 he has been self-employed. Mr. Scheuermann sees himself as a muzzler (as opposed to a craftsman) and is both a habit disrupter (a kind of TÜV for the targeted effectiveness of habits), brain pacemaker (gives impulses to think, decide and act for oneself) and change catalyst (accompanies and accelerates change processes) for his clients. Since September 2011, he has been writing the blog, which focuses on articles on behaviour, communication and personal development in the areas of management, leadership, sales and cooperation in everyday life and work.