Great-Grandma Merle’s Australian Bush Tales Series

Great-Grandma Merle’s Australian Bush Tales Series

Lillipet Lizard and Other Creatures in the Australian Bush

Grandma Merle Latter


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Lillipet Lizard loved the Australian bushland where she lived with other Australian creatures. Their peace was disturbed when lazy campers did not extinguish their fire properly. Soon little flames were burning the paper and leaves. All the bush creatures were afraid for their homes and their lives. The smoke was just starting to rise into the air. If it wasn’t for our wonderful Australian firefighters, Lillipet Lizard and her bush creature friends would have lost their homes. Thank you to all our firefighters for your courage and bravery.


Grandma Merle Latter:
I grew up in a small country town with a huge mountain looking down over everything. Reading and writing have always transported me like magic carpet rides to other beautiful, interesting places. Nature’s beauty has always inspired me. I have always written poetry, inspirational books, and short stories. I read to my younger brothers and sister along with my own children. I now read to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I love to share the beautiful bonds reading and writing create.