Understanding the Purpose and Power of the Full Armor of God

Understanding the Purpose and Power of the Full Armor of God

Roberto Volma


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Learning how to protect your soul from the influence of the enemy in the spiritual warfare through the power of the full armor of God.

This book is written specially to show you how to protect the faculties that can give the enemy direct access into your soul, which are your thoughts, your emotions, and your will. Your soul is the most important part of you because everything you are and everything you do in this life revolves around the soul. God gives you the soul to explore, to enjoy and to connect with creation intellectually, emotionally and volitionally. The enemy understands the purpose and the importance of your soul that's why your soul is his number one target. Your soul is so Important that Jesus says what can a man gives you in exchange for your soul, so important to God that he sent Jesus to die, to save and to restore it.

The enemy targets your soul because he knows that God needs your soul to fulfill his purposes in your life and on earth. Every attack of the enemy is destined to hurt, to oppress your soul because he knows without a healthy soul, you won't be able to enjoy life, so he attacks your soul to render your life miserable. Every attack against your thought, against your emotion, every temptation of the enemy is for the sole purpose of infiltrating your soul that's why you need to understand the Full Armor of God to protect your soul, to keep the enemy from infiltration your soul. If you are someone who is constantly being harassed by the enemy this book is for you.

The purpose of the full armor of God is to protect the soul, and the way it protects the soul is by educating the soul strategically through the Word of God; that information becomes an armor that is formed around the soul.

This book includes an additional weapon section and scriptures that will equip you to trample over the enemy in the spiritual warfare. Make sure to refer this book to someone else, God bless you.

ROBERTO VOLMA is a Preacher, Writer and a Biblical Councilor who's been preaching and teaching the word of God for several years now. His passion is to help believers all over the world see life in a biblical perspective.