Michael Van Leonard Redic


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A house and home, or a mind and body, can only be built effectively foundation first. A strong foundation is essential for any effective enterprise. Amen is a journey into the process of building that strong foundation. Amen is also largely based on the life experiences of the author, finding meaning in the ups and downs of life, as well as in greater purpose when discovering one’s own gifts and talents, and how they should be utilized.

Essentially, the overview of this project is that all power resides in the spirit of God. And in the instant of creation, he loaned us a piece of himself. The divine spark we call faith. By surrendering this faith to the spirit, we can learn its true meaning. And in time, God will return power to us according to our level of maturity.

Furthermore, we come to understand that the many names and faces that the human race provides God are merely cultural. It is the divine nature of love, peace, tolerance, and understanding that will lead to the one true God.