Conquering and Curing Cancer

Conquering and Curing Cancer

The Cancer Survival Book

Charlene Seaman, Scott Seaman


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Conquering And Curing Cancer – The Cancer Survival Book is focused on conquering and curing cancer. It is a patient's cancer survival guide.

Part 1 takes you along with the authors from cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, follow-up treatments and testing, and provides the insights, fears, and triumphs of a cancer survivor and caregiver. Scott and Charlene´s story of survivorship demystifies the experience and enlightens readers in a very humanistic and unique way. At Charlene´s insistence, they turned their tragedy into a positive mission to help people impacted by cancer.

Part 2 is focused on you - the steps and approach you should consider taking to survive cancer. It covers topics such as: (1) the basics about cancer; (2) selecting the best doctors and treatment centers available to you; (3) obtaining a prompt and proper diagnosis; (4) understanding medical tests and diagnostic tools; (5) surviving your hospital stay; (6) an overview of conventional treatments, novel treatments, and clinical trials; (7) selecting the best treatment option for your cancer in this age of personalized medicine; (8) understanding survival rates and making appropriate adjustments; (9) developing a cancer warrior mentality; (10) taking advantage of complementary therapies and a healthy lifestyle to help you beat the disease; (11) the role of the immune system in beating cancer, and the authors’ explanation as to why blood cancer research is the superhighway to curing cancer; (12) a national call to action to cure cancer; and (13) the impact of COVID-19.

Part 3 is a patient’s survival compendium. This is a useful resource containing: a detailed listing of questions to ask your doctors at each critical phase; some tips doctors may forget to tell you; a checklist of legal and insurance documents; pointers on addressing the side effects of treatment; and a listing of organizations, web sites, and resources available to help you get the support and information you need about your type of cancer and the treatments and clinical trials available to you. It also includes a patient’s medical information workbook to help you record relevant information. The book is something you will want to bring with you so that you have important information at your fingertips.

This book is all about conquering and conquering cancer. The authors wrote the book for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and families that they wished they had available to them when they embarked upon their cancer journey. 


Charlene Seaman: