Billy the Sea Turtle

Billy the Sea Turtle

Annabelle Bennett


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Billy the Sea Turtle will delight kids of all ages with an endearing story and message about protecting sea life.

Meet Billy, a newly hatched sea turtle who loves to swim and explore. But no matter how hard he tries, Billy can never seem to swim as fast as his friends.

One day, Billy washes ashore and meets a young girl who just might know how to help him speed up his swimming!

Author and Illustrator Annabelle Bennett wrote this story to inspire children to cherish the ocean and protect the natural habitat it provides for sea turtles like Billy and other marine life.

The light and lively story, mixed with colorful, calming watercolor pastel illustrations, make it an ideal bedtime read.

Fans of popular animated films like Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, and A Turtle's Tale, will relish discovering the world through the wide blue eyes of Billy the Sea Turtle.

A portion of the book sales will go to several of Annabelle's favorite charities, including,,, and