Christian Characteristics as Defined by the Bible

Christian Characteristics as Defined by the Bible

Venus R. Toppins


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Throughout my life, growing up in a Southern Baptist Church, going to Sunday school, and just generally being raised in a Christian atmosphere, I was never taught about what a Christian looks like and what characteristics a Christian should have. I mean, of course, I was taught all the traditional Bible stories, and you should do this, and you shouldn’t do that, but nothing about character. I had an old family Bible that I had received with a set of encyclopedias that I bought in my younger years—early twenties. Within that there were several pages that said Christian characteristics. All it did was give the characteristic itself and Bible verses where to find it. I thought this would be an awesome Sunday school lesson series. So with that and lots of prayer, I started preparing lessons picking out one or two characteristics to teach for Sunday school that Sunday. This is the finished work of those Sunday school lessons.