Wrangler the Anglerfish: Obeying Rules

Wrangler the Anglerfish: Obeying Rules

Suzie Heinmiller-Boatright


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Did you know that the ugliest, scariest fish in the sea has a “flashlight” at the end of a pole on top of her head? Wrangler the Anglerfish uses her light to help a group of fish friends, who disobeyed their parents, find their way back home.


Suzie Heinmiller-Boatright:
Suzie Heinmiller-Boatright is an artist who wanted to use her creativity to write a children's book that will interest children in the world of marine life and help parents discuss life lessons their child will encounter. Ms Boatright's interest in marine life is evident in her knowledge of unique marine species and how they use their unusual characteristics to survive in the underwater world. Being a mother, she is able to incorporate a life lesson into the story to help children deal with a difficult situation.