Hey Ben!

Hey Ben!

Featuring – Pick Me! and I AM Good!

Rowena Robinson


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My teacher cannot tell me. My friends have not a clue. I am in such a pickle. What ever shall I do? Have you ever felt like this at school? You just feel that there must be something wrong with you! What would you do if you were never, ever picked by your teacher for anything, no matter how high you put up your hand? Or, if only you knew how to be ‘good’, then maybe, just maybe you’d be allowed to eat that treat! Find out how, in Pick Me! and, I AM Good!, Ben works out exactly what he needs to know to get himself out of these pickles!


Rowena Robinson:
Rowena has written and illustrated children’s stories over many years ‘just for fun’. And, after much encouragement from those who enjoyed her work, she finally decided to send a couple of stories off. "Hey Ben!", which includes "Pick Me!" and "I AM Good!" is her first published children’s book. Rowena’s career includes copy writing and illustrating for advertising, voice-over work, speech and drama teaching, and acting. She has also gained a Diploma in Children’s writing and Editing. Rowena lives on the south coast of Western Australia where more stories are currently happily hatching.