In Him Is No Darkness At All

In Him Is No Darkness At All

Ernestine T. Henley


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This book was written with the serious Christian in mind. Have you ever envied the fellowship and confidence that the apostles had with the Father and with Christ? The motivating factor for this book is my belief that I am not the only Christian who has experienced times of dryness and being disconnected from the Lord and wondered why. This book is for serious Christians who are not satisfied with an anemic, listless, weak, and seemingly solitary fellowship with God. It is my hope that through this book, In Him Is No Darkness at All, insights into behaviors that can unknowingly cause broken fellowship with the Father and with Christ will be revealed.

God's love is steadfast and never changing. This book's purpose is to reveal vital truths to having an exciting and fulfilling fellowship with God and to expose the behaviors that are hindrances to obtaining it.