Kickin It in O.N.C.

Kickin It in O.N.C.

On the Yard at Howard

Dawud Nnambi


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This second book of “The Children of Bradford” series follows the tale of young love, a continuation of the story of Kadeem Betancourt and Chenelle Henderson, a pair of High School sweethearts who have decided to attend Howard University, one of the most prestigious Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in the world. The age-old warning children give their parents, teachers and friends; “wait ‘til I grow up and get away from here….” is always met with; “What You Gonna Do When You Get There?” Well, now that they are here in O.N.C, Our Nation’s Capital, they will have ample time to experience the evolution of ‘being grown-up’, to understand that it is much harder to deliver on the adolescent threat of ‘wait ‘til I …!” No longer shielded by the direct safety net of home in small-town USA, they must adapt to the fickle world of college life, develop new friendships that somewhat replace the small circle of friends they grew up with and deal with the joy and pain of the thing we call love on an even grander scale. As with any other sequel, if you haven’t read the first or previous book, you have done yourself a slight disservice so there are many hints for you to do so. However, if you don’t wish to read the first book , you will find yourself engrossed in curiosity, yearning to find out what comes next and projecting you own thoughts and feelings into the pages, leaving them dog-eared until you get back to it. It is my hope that you enjoy sharing my imagination, reminiscing about your days in college or anticipating the angst you or your child will experience on the Yard, wherever that may be. I had the privilege to be a ‘House Man’ go Maroon Tigers.


Dawud Nnambi:

After tasting the success of being a novice writer, I am embarking upon the path reknown - establishing a readership whetted with curiosity.  I began life in Harlem, New York, the second child, but first son of Rosemarie (Jones) and James J. (David Goodrich) Vencil.  My father was overseas  (Navy)  when I was born in David Sydenham Memorial Hospital (October 1956) during the first "Subway Series"  - a Yankees fan.  Pops returned home and moved us to California until he was sent to Vietnam in 1964. Now, at eight years old, I returned to New York, with my mother, grandmother, uncle and four siblings to live in a brownstone in Bed-Sty Brooklyn - 585A Lafayette Ave.  With my fathers subsequent transfers, my family, now seven children strong, eventually moved to Key West, Florida. I graduated in 1974 and  joined the Navy to become a Hospital Corpsman.  In 1979, I received orders to  Bethesda Naval Hospital to attend Advanced Laboratory School. Over the year, I explored the many sights of Washington, DC, one being Howard University.  My housemate, an A Phi Q from Tuskegee, introduced me to a Step Show at Howard, many frat parties and homecomings between Washington, DC and Pennsylvania, thusly I became enamored with Historically Black Colleges & Universities - Howard, the first campus I witnessed the Greeks and the pageantry of black college life.  After retiring from the Navy and being accepted to "The House (Morehouse)," being on the yard in the AUC, I knew that I must one day pay homage.  I hope my "art" may indeed "imitate life" and help us, new jack and old school, appreciate past, present and embrace the future with the purest emotion this story may evoke. 'Ase