The Pains of Motherhood

The Pains of Motherhood

Praying Against the Curse of Pains & Barrenness

Prophetess Nhyira Wallace


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According to the Scriptures, the entrance of Your Word gives light, and indeed it does, our Father. We are illuminated. Now, we know things we didn’t know, we understand things we didn’t understand and our world-view continues to be clarified. We see things the way they are. One of the most interesting ways to understand what a particular society is, is to look at how women are treated. The denial of the positive role of feminine is a great disservice to humanity. A woman in her manifestation is the symbol of unity of life in nature. As a matter of fact, nature in its essence celebrates the role of motherhood. For instance, in the animal kingdom, feminine species are honoured, but in the case of humanity feminine species are treated with disdain and humiliation. Throughout her life the woman will be remembered by disappointments, failures and sorrows. This book aims at making the reader take a critical look at the curse of pain that is pronounced on woman and its implication on motherhood, the negative impact of the curse which leads to the suffering of motherhood, the stigma of barrenness and how the curse has made life in general a hell for motherhood.