The Mystery of Two Women Who Changed the World

The Mystery of Two Women Who Changed the World

Prophetess Nhyira Wallace


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The Divine Role of Woman in God’s creation stipulates that the woman occupies an important place in the mind of God and man ought to appreciate this truth. The divine role of women confirms the important bond between mother and child, since the survival of the foetus depends solely on the motherhood. The mother to a large extent connects the human body, all growth and changes as well as continuity. She is the mother who brings forth life. She is the power of fertility and generation. She receives the seed into her womb, the first home of every human being. The woman has been given the divine power to help man succeed in life. The role of the mother is to influence people positively, her entire family. It is a blessing and a responsibility to nurture and sustain the family. The two women who changed the world history are Eve and Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus. For God to send His son to save the world, He chose the Virgin Mary as a perfect medium to bring forth Jesus Christ, His son into the world that through Him the whole world would be saved. The mystery is that it took the wisdom of a woman to bring a rebellious son back to his father. It is the duty of mothers to bring their vagabond children back to their fathers. We do not have to scare them away, but rather our wisdom as women to bring such children back home. The mother is the manager of the home. How we manage the home is really important in the upbringing of our children in the fear of the Lord.