The Adventures of Princess the Staffy Dog

The Adventures of Princess the Staffy Dog

The Fight for Theo Castle

S P Ireland


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Princess and her friends face adventures along the way. They come up against the evil witch Dotty and her staffy dog called Zeus. Princess wears a magic collar which releases a butterfly in times of trouble which enables Princess to fight the evil and save her good friends. Eventually when all six butterflies on her collar are released the true power of the spirit dog is revealed which banishes all evil.


S P Ireland:
This is my first book that I have had published and I had been inspired to write this fiction book from loving a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog who I owned for 10 years. Her name, which suited her to a tee, was Princess. Whilst working as a nurse I unfortunately became unwell and decided that whilst I was at home I would put my time to good use and I penned my book. I have now developed a love for writing and I have a few more books in the pipeline.