A Fresh Cup of Counseling

A Fresh Cup of Counseling

A Handbook of Spiritual Counseling

Thomas L. Norris


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Today's counseling clients want more than traditional therapy. They want something new, bold, and effective, and A Fresh Cup of Counseling serves just that. While the power of clinical applications in spiritual counseling has long been discussed by field experts, little has been written about the subject--until now. Packed with theoretical and practical knowledge about this power, the book offers a breakthrough guide to spiritual counseling with ideas, training, and real-life case studies for students and professionals alike. Written by Rev. Dr. Tom Norris--a spiritual counselor and Universalist minister with fifty years of experience in social work, psychotherapy, group therapy, marriage and family therapy, and hypnotherapy--this book is a treasure trove of contemporary clinical and scientific knowledge, starting from a purely psychosocial and psychological perspective and diving into the evolution of the spiritual therapeutic discipline. In the process, it pulls from Buddhist, Judeo-Christian, Native American, Islamic, Yin Yang, Neopagan, Shamanic, Hindu, and other religions, using their practices and ideals (from past lives and chakra balancing to meditation and Ultraterrestrials) to demonstrate the power of spirituality in the holistic healing process. The result? A dynamic psycho-spiritual expedition that helps counselors and their clients unleash positive, lasting transformation.


Thomas L. Norris:
Thomas L. Norris teaches in the Religious Studies Department of Florida International University. With fifty years of counseling experience, he is now the head of the spiritual and pastoral counseling agency, Inner Life Transformations, providing counseling for people worldwide. Tom is the senior minister for the Universalist Church, The Church of the Way of the Messiahs. He is also the author of A Fresh Cup of Tolerance: Universalism: The New Religion of Tolerance.