The Unusual Babysitter

The Unusual Babysitter

Door Two to Round City

Diana L Solovastru


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After their first adventure in Candyland, the children couldn't wait to see what was behind door number two. Their adventure in door number two is going to be in Round City, a city where EVERYTHING is round! It is a very unusual place for the children to be. The children have only one rule to follow, which one of them forgets about and it becomes an enormous problem! Join the children and their unusual babysitter in their adventure through Round City.


Diana L Solovastru:
Diana L Solovastru was born and raised in New York City. She has always had a big imagination which caused her to have trouble living in the real world. She enjoys daydreaming and telling her nieces and nephews very long stories that makes them laugh and curious about going on adventures and trying new things. Since she saw that her nieces and nephews enjoyed listening to her made up stories, she decided to write books so that children everywhere can escape the real world for a few minutes and go on a wonderful adventure when they open and read her books.